EXHIBITION Artists meet their Makers

Contemporary Art reinterpreted by West Dean Tapestry Studio

Artists Meet Their Makers is a celebration of the skill and imagination of West Dean Tapestry Studio’s Master Weavers. The studio was set up by West Dean Founder Edward James, and has worked with many leading modern and contemporary artists including Henry Moore, John Piper, Basil Beattie, Michael Brennand-Wood and Tracey Emin. A number of new commissions are currently in development and will be unveiled at the exhibition, including Master Weaver Philip Sanderson’s design based on ink drawings by Rebecca Salter. Philip’s fellow Master Weaver Katharine Swailes is developing an interpretation of a larger scale Emma Biggs & Matthew Collins painting.

The exhibition is organised by curator Liz Cooper and will include new works from outstanding previous projects, including two 2012 works ‘House of Tunnels’ was woven by Katharine Swailes from a painting by Basil Beattie and ‘Transformer’ was created by Philip Sanderson from a design by Michael Brennand-Wood. Brennand-Wood says ‘at a certain stage, I handed the image over to Philip the weaver. I keep thinking it’s like handing over the master tapes to be re-mixed. It was really exciting to see how the imagery is interpreted once the weaving begins’.