Dimensions: Piece 1: 12 x 11 cm | Piece 2: 14.5 x 13.5 cm | Piece 3: 12 x 17 cm

Materials: Terracotta and nichrome wire

As a designer, Clàudia’s works are usually inspired by human behaviour and nature. She is interested in shapes and textures and how they work with an object’s function. Generally working with natural materials, however, she has a special interest in ceramics. Clàudia enjoys exploration and experimentation, testing and creating without a full understanding of the techniques, and confronting those techniques with intuition, to create uniqueness in her pieces.

‘Foes’ is a collection of vases designed in response to a porcelain hanging wall vase by Lucie Rie and a carved wooden dish by David Pye. The use of the lines in each object attracted Clàudia from the first instance. She then started to see further connections between the objects, as well as the superposition of two forms on Pye’s dish in comparison with the two colours in Rie’s vase. Moreover, the fluting engine created by Pye reminded her of some of the processes used in working with ceramics. Responding to these pieces, especially the lines, Clàudia has created new forms.

Claudia casanovas fulcara ,  FOES

Claudia casanovas fulcara , FOES


David pye

David pye