Movement through Process

Dimensions: 20 cm x 15 cm x 25 cm approx.

Materials: Textile, acrylic, cloth and metal

Dawn’s MA work researches the movement of the maker, personal actions and motions of rhythms that are created by a maker in order to fulfil the creation of object. Drawn to the work of the ceramicist Lucie Rie, a series of dialogues was produced in collaboration with other MA students, each responding to practical conversations through interpretation. After reflection on and consideration of gathered visual information, Dawn’s approach reimagined the actions of the maker, and these actions have been perceived into visual movements that build up and translate through the layers of time and space during the making process.

‘Movement through Process’ is a work that reflects the physical aspect of motor senses and the connectivity between left- and right-hand intuitive engagement working in synchronicity. Through the use of stitched and woven textile, etched acrylic, print, waxed cloth and metal, these materials in combination support the value of the broader disciplines within craft today.

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