Anita Besson (1933-2015) set up Galerie Besson to promote ceramics on the international market. It opened at No.15 Royal Arcade in London’s West End in April 1988, and mounted more than 200 exhibitions in its 23 years of existence.
The gallery was closed in June 2011 as Anita Besson moved on to consultancy work.

The archive consists of purchase day-books and ledgers, sales day-books; ledgers and invoices; correspondence with and information about artists, including collected catalogues and letters dating back to the 1960s; correspondence, catalogues and visitors books from the exhibitions in the gallery; photographs of objects and of exhibitions at the gallery and at Olympia, SOFA (Chicago), etc.; correspondence with other galleries and with collectors, etc., and routine correspondence, e.g. with landlords and accountants. Also some correspondence and other records of Anita Besson's work at Fischer Fine Art, 1985-1987.

The Galerie Besson website, listing all its exhibitions and illustrating many, can be found here