For the Record

Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm

Materials: Used Printing Press Felt

Led by the materiality of process, Hermione combines traditional and contemporary textiles. Both the hand and the machine interest her. Currently reflecting themes surrounding loss in her own practice, Hermione naturally leans to worn aesthetics found in the mundane as a source of inspiration.

Bernard Leach is well remembered for his ceramics; yet he etched profusely at the start and the end of his career. His print ‘Chelsea Embankment, Nocturne 1908–9’ caught Hermione’s eye with the tonal blurred edges and chimney pots that create this atypical skyline from a bygone era. However this particular edition is not how Leach would have intended the print to look. A circular chink was removed from the corner to signify the last edition had been printed, and the work thus becomes ‘just for the record’; a memorial to the print itself. Used. Unused. Catalogued.

Hermione’s response to this print and its plate is conveyed through the medium of textiles. Using a redundant printmaking felt chosen for its connection to Leach’s process, she laser-cut patterns of marks left behind by a cup, referencing the lesser known Leach ‘the printer’ as well as ‘the great potter.’ The surface is a creation fusing two processes from different centuries together.

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