Dimensions: 80 x 160 cm

Materials: Hand dyed resist shibori, screen printing

Janice is an internationally renowned textile artist, quilter, teacher and author. Working predominantlywith hand-dyed fabrics, she designs and makes art textiles. She is influenced by her surroundings,places she has visited and her thoughts. Her work usually includes fabric dyed using shibori (resist dyeing) techniques with some form of geometric piecing and machine quilting. Janice often works in a series, with a strong element of asymmetry in the design.

‘Bowled Over’ has been made in response to a ceramic bowl by Philip Wood in the Crafts Study Centre collection. Wood’s whimsical representations of English country animals, interspersed with shapes and lines of dots applied to the surface of the terracotta clay are what inspired Janice’s piece.

Janice saw a link between Wood’s work and that of Aboriginal dreamings; this resulted in the production of a screen-print design which has been applied to hand-dyed fabric. Pieced on the sewing machine, the inclusion of tied and stitch resist shibori fabrics carries on the theme of dots, and the work is machine quilted.

JAnice gunner,  bowled over

JAnice gunner, bowled over

earthenware BOWL BY philip wood

earthenware BOWL BY philip wood