Mark Making

Dimensions: 30cm x 30 cm approx.

Materials: Acrylic

Jennifa’s MA work researches a craft-based methodology of designing through making that embraces the capabilities of digital technologies in print. She attempts to interpret printed design by layering varying weights of laser-cut materials through digital marks made using Computer Aided Design.

Inspired by the works of the ceramicist Lucie Rie and calligrapher Irene Wellington, a series of dialogues were produced in collaboration with other MA students, each responding to practical conversations through interpretation. After reflection and consideration of gathered visual information, Jennifa interpreted the traditional marks made by the makers, and these have been recreated with light and shadows through digital marks made using Adobe Illustrator.

‘Mark Making’ is a work that reflects traditional craft through digital technological processes to create a 3D object. Accessibility of technologies has enabled contemporary makers to explore the possibilities of materiality and physicality that new technologies offer in relation to realising ideas in 2D/3D forms within craft and design today.

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Jennifa Chowdhury
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