Vessel and Reaching Out

Materials: Ceramic

Lene is a Danish ceramic artist who has lived in England for the last 25 years. She gained an honours degree in teaching, specialising in Art and English and has cherished working creatively and artistically with pupils ranging from 2–19 since 1993. After several years of exploring drawing and painting she became specifically interested in working in clay in 2001.

Lene is fascinated by forms, textures and colours and enjoys the haptic experience of exploring objects through touch, thriving on connecting emotionally with different types of artwork.
She has explored working with a range of ceramic techniques but generally prefers to throw pieces on the wheel using stoneware and porcelain. Lene particularly enjoys the playful exploration of decorating using a range of glazes in an intuitive and non-repetitive manner.

She chose to respond to a bowl by Lucie Rie as she was drawn to the textures of the rough scraped surface on the outside of the pot and the smooth surface on the inside, and was intrigued by the oval-shaped rim combined with the narrow but strong foot ring.

Lene Ryden.jpg
Lene Ryden