Dimensions: 172.5 x 32.5 cm

Materials: Wool and silk blend

Louise graduated from the University of Kent in 2018 as the first weave specialist and continues to explore weaving through her MA. Researching loss in its many forms, Louise uses her personal experience of hearing loss to inspire hand-woven patterns, in particular the sounds made whilst undertaking a hearing test. Drawn to the work of Bauhaus for its modern, simple lines, Louise uses only natural fibres to craft unique designs.  

In response to preparatory work for the ‘Tribute for RAF Halton’ by David Howells, Louise designed an aviator scarf. The design inspired Louise as her grandfather served as an engineer in the RAF during World War II; with his fighter pilot good looks, he was the bravest person she knew. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer in 1983, a loss that is still felt today. 

The scarf design incorporates the square memorial with tiny propeller blades and gaps, signifying the loss felt when many pilots did not return home from their flight. Woven out of a blend of silk and wool, ‘Chocks Away’ is a wearable tribute to the men and women who serve in the RAF.

louise woodward,  chocks away

louise woodward, chocks away