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The Emmanuel Cooper Memorial Lecture - Sir Christopher Frayling: Craft - A Word To Start An Argument

The word 'craft' has many meanings and many associations, and as a result sometimes becomes, in the words of David Pye, "a thought-preventer". Pye preferred 'workmanship'; others prefer 'applied art'; others prefer 'making'. . .
This lecture explores some of these meanings and associations of 'craft' - yesterday and today - and argues that now is a particularly exciting time to put aside differences and energetically to promote the value of making things. The worlds of craft have been examining their navels for far too long. Sir Christopher Frayling is a distinguished writer, critic, broadcaster and educationalist. He has held many great public offices in the worlds of education and the arts: Rector of the Royal College of Art; Chairman of Arts Council England; Chairman of the Design Council. He was knighted for services to art and design education in 2001. Sir Christopher was a long standing Chair of the Crafts Study Centre (1983 - 2004) and is presently Chancellor of Arts University Bournemouth. His many publications include On Craftmanship: towards a new Bauhaus (2011).