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THE EMMANUEL COOPER MEMORIAL LECTURE 2017 Altered States: Appropriation of an Iconic Ceramic Form

The Annual Emmanuel Cooper Memorial Lecture, presented by the Crafts Study Centre and 318 Ceramics, is given this year by Dr Bonnie Kempske.

The teabowl arose to be used within the specific context of a sixteenth-century Japanese artistic and spiritual practice known outside Japan as tea ceremony. Yet today, every UK ceramics fair and many galleries and exhibitions feature teabowls made not for use, but for display on plinth or mantelpiece.

The growing ubiquity and iconicity of this form within contemporary ceramics signifies the success of a methodology of appropriation, and raises questions about the relevance of both context and content.

Dr Bonnie Kemske holds a PhD from the Royal College of Art; Emmanuel Cooper was her supervisor.  She followed Emmanuel as Editor of Ceramic Review, a post she held from 2010-2013.  Her studio practice is about engaging the body's sense of touch. She frequently publishes feature articles and reviews for international publications. Bloomsbury Academic Press will publish her book: The Teabowl - East & West in August 2017.


Tickets are £5.00 - spaces are limited so advance booking is required either from the Crafts Study Centre in person or by calling 01252 891450

Reception from 5.00pm until 6.00pm

Lecture from 6.00pm until 7.00pm at the Crafts Study Centre