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EXHIBITION Rita Parniczky: Beyond the Surface, Observing the Inner Structure

Rita Parniczky primarily works with weave, installation, photography and light. Fascinated by the invisible structures of objects and materials, she investigates ideas based on materiality, change, time and human experience. In her woven work X-Ray Series, a translucent material Parniczky has developed, she studies the vertical structure and the visual transformation of the material as light passes through its structure. She brings to life the material through installation and performance with sunlight; a spectacle which may only exist in a particular location and moment in time, marking time in space whilst evoking a sense of chance.

In her solo exhibition ‘Beyond the Surface, Observing the Inner Structure’ at the Crafts Study Centre Parniczky will call attention to scale, structure and movement through illuminating X-Ray Series with artificial light. Along this work she will show a selection of her photographic works.

ARTIST TALK  & PRIVATE VIEW:  17th October 2017

TICKETS : £5.00 advanced booking is required

PRIVATE VIEW : from 4pm - a viewing of the exhibition

RECEPTION : 5.30pm - 6.00pm a drinks reception 

TALK : 6.00pm - 7.00pm