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Artists Talk: David Grimshaw

David Grimshaw, Manchester School of Art

With 25-years of experience within creative design practice, teaching and research, David will be discussing his current work that explores the potential for craft led approaches to making and how this can inform a more sensitive and exploratory engagement with materiality when using computer controlled manufacturing tools. 

In addition to discussing his own work, David will present some of the more innovative and intriguing uses of technology, being developed by genre breaking designers and makers who are embracing, progressing and redefining making within the digital age. As programme leader for ‘MA Design: Product & Furniture’ and ‘MA Design: Craft’ at Manchester School of Art, David brings his extensive knowledge of international design and innovation to inform the current debate on the future for craft making within a society that is increasingly experiencing virtual lives through the digital lens.

RECEPTION : 5:30pm - 6.00pm
TICKETS : £5.00 - advanced booking is required.