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Remastered: Crafts Study Centre MA Project 2018

Remastered is the sixth in a series of collaborative exhibitions between MA students in the School of Craft and Design at the University for the Creative Arts and the Crafts Study Centre. This year’s project focuses on making, using the collections at the CSC as a source of inspiration for contemporary craft practice. Traditionally, the CSC has acted as repository, a place where ‘things’ have been catalogued, documented, stored and their history recorded, whilst the active processes of making new craft take place in the studios of the School of Craft and Design. Remastered brings the two together, making links between the museum and studio settings.

The students, from Ceramics, Textiles, Jewellery and Product Design, were invited to visit the stores to select an object or set of objects which captured their attention – whether it was the material, the technique, the colour, the texture or the maker. They then worked either individually or in collaboration with others working in different media to create responses to those objects, and to curate their work in an exhibition at the Centre and online. Remastered recognises the skills, processes and materiality of renowned craft makers represented in the Centre’s collections.

Visit Remastered for a full list of students and their work.