Dimensions: 30 x 30 cm

Materials: MDF and card

Rachel has a background in Graphic and Product design, but across both disciplines she is influenced most by nature and science. She aims to design for function but the form is usually reflective of geometry or biomimicry. These forms fascinate her as they fit together intuitively and therefore make the use of her products or designs natural. Although previously she has primarily used digital processes for making, she also experiments with physical materials and model making as part of her creative process.

Drawn to the hexagonal shapes found in Dorothy Larcher’s ‘Hexagon’ printing block, Rachel was also attracted to the piece as it had a function – to accurately create multiple prints of the same pattern. And even though it is artistic itself, it is used to create more art.

‘No Print the Same’ is a piece which reflects Rachel’s attraction towards geometry and function but plays with the original function of a printing block. Instead of creating the same print multiple times, the football-like shape can roll across a canvas and create a unique print every time. The designs are influenced by Phyllis Barron and Dorothy Larcher’s block prints. The structure of the piece encourages creative use.

rachel collyer,  no print the same

rachel collyer, no print the same

dorothy LARCHER printing block,  hexagon

dorothy LARCHER printing block, hexagon