Sgraffito Tool Rings

Dimensions: Various

Materials: Brass and Stirling Silver

Samantha’s MA research explores the human experience of memory. She works within the idea of the fading and degradation of our memories, our embellishment of them, how we borrow memories and make them our own, but ultimately how precious and fragile they are. Samantha is weaving these ideas into her design, treatment and the forming of materials into pieces that are inspired by and capture memories.

Having viewed a bowl by Lucie Rie, Samantha chose to work only from her memory of it. As her memory faded, the sgraffito marks in the pot remained the most vivid and provided the inspiration for a set of rings that could be used as tools to make the marks that define many of Rie’s pots.

Without an accurate memory of the pot, Samantha turned to old memories of pots being raised on a wheel to inform her making process. Using this memory she formed the rings primarily using her hands, and with as few tools as was possible. This method enabled Samantha to echo the memory of drawing a pot from the wheel in a fluid movement.

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