High and Dry

Materials: Porcelain and silk organza; porcelain and felt; stoneware and metal leaf

As a visual thinker, Tracy usually looks to her environment for the idea that will direct her next piece of work, often seeking the overlooked in both nature and in her riverside surroundings. Although passionate about ceramics, and acutely aware that ceramic processes take a great deal of technical expertise before control is assured, Tracy is always keen to experiment and explore the use of mixed media in her work. In departing from her modus operandi and finding inspiration in the woven textiles of Ann Richards, Tracy has embraced the opportunity to work with Sian Highwood to combine textiles and ceramics in a collaborative way.

The porcelain cuff with silver edging and pleated silk organza was prompted by Richards’s ingenious shaped fabrics. These have an elasticity, very like porcelain in its transformation state, that caught Tracy’s attention.

The wave vessel, impressed porcelain with textured material and trimmed with indigo dyed folded felt, was designed to reflect the undulating movement of Richards’s work. The felt appears to pass effortlessly through the porcelain.

The three black stoneware pinch pots embellished with metal leaf also reflect the shapes and forms found amongst some of the fabric samples of Richards's work.

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(L-R) Steelpleat. Handwoven scarf, by Ann Richards (CSC.2012.15.4)   Textile jewellery, by Ann Richards (CSC.2012.15.5.1-4)