Inside and Out

Arvi created a wearable object inspired by the work of Lucie Rie. She was drawn to one vessel in particular, as it appeared different inside and out.

Arvi associated the vertical patterns on the outside surface with hard and cold personality characteristics, and the spot patterns on the inside surface with characteristics which are soft and rich in imagination. The theme of the work is therefore to describe a person's personality, presenting a cold impression to others but still soft inside. Such people exist in real life.

照片 2018-5-23 09 03 27.jpg
照片 2018-5-23 09 16 26.jpg
照片 2018-5-23 09 13 20.jpg
照片 2018-5-25 20 46 35.jpg
照片 2018-5-25 20 46 35.jpg